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Lucien Rochat


The Lucien Rochat brand dates back to 1925, and is seeing its longstanding tradition in Swiss watchmaking back under the spotlight.

For over 60 years, the brand that represents traditional Swiss watchmaking, a pioneer in the art of precision, has been crafting timepieces with thorough yet discreet style. They express all the heritage of French taste, encompassing sophisticated elegance as well as influences of a more contemporary nature.

A creative art passed down through the years breathes life into forms that deliberately recall the watches of days gone by, which are turned into specimens crammed with detail. For Lucien Rochat, the watch is a place of precision whose design skilfully reconciles classic constructions with geometrics, whilst adopting a modern take that strikes the balance between style and mechanics.

Respect for deep-seated values such as the quality, pricelessness and meticulous approach used to make every model has remained a cornerstone through the years. Together these values make for a precise, clearly defined brand identity, whose strength lies in tradition.

The collections are dedicated to enthusiasts who appreciate and recognise a taste for beauty. They provide a new interpretation of vintage taste, combining it with classic lines brought back to life in the details, finishing touches and skilled use of proportion.



As long ago as the eighteenth century, a forebear of the Rochat family had distinguished himself thanks to his extraordinary skill for making automatons – human-looking mechanical masks. In particular, the young Rochat became a fully-fledged prodigy at building small precision mechanisms, and managed to transmit his extraordinary passion, the secret behind this skill, to subsequent generations.

From the age of enlightenment onwards, the precision mechanisms were increasingly used and refined. Switzerland saw the birth of master watchmakers, and the Vallée de Joux became the cradle of this new art form.

And it was in this very valley that the farm of the Rochat family, already known for its work on miniaturising mechanisms, saw Emile, the head of the family, establish the first Lucien Rochat atelier in 1925. It specialised in “chronographes compliqués” which were largely made by hand.

Subsequently, the factory was moved to Geneva in the ’40s, where some of the most successful mechanisms of Swiss watchmaking were conceived. The atelier grew and moved once again to Yverdan-les-Bains, where the tradition of “chronographes compliqués” continues.

Yet it was from the late ’70s onwards that the Maison, at its Grandson site, developed in full. It went on to create watches that would become masterpieces of watchmaking in their own right, and achieve worldwide renown.

So it was that Lucien Rochat made its mark as one of the watch brands most steeped in history and tradition, handed down through three generations of master watchmakers, in Switzerland.

Today, this long history of style and elegance lives again in the new collections of timepieces, in a story where the present reinterprets the past.

Precision, preciousness and prestige are the qualities that have long distinguished the movements and chronographs created by the Swiss Maison, all masterpieces of watchmaking and examples of skill and painstaking craftsmanship.



The Lucien Rochat brand avails of international distribution, which focuses particularly on Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.